Tummy Tuck Recovery Tips

After a person has had a tummy tuck, it is important that he or she is careful during the recovery face.  If people are not cautious during the recovery process, they may experience blood loss, infection or excessive scarring.

Below, we have provided helpful recovery tips to those who have recently undergone abdominoplasty:

§  If your surgeon has given you permission to walk, try to walk a short time every hour.  This may prevent blood clots.

§  Do not exercise of lift anything heavy 4 - 8 weeks following your surgery.

§  Avoid any activity that may cause you pain or discomfort as you are healing from your tummy tuck.

§  If you feel like something is wrong or have concerns post-surgery, consult with your surgeon as soon as possible.

§  Watch for signs of infections, such was redness or swelling, and report these signs to your surgeon.

§  Do not touch the surgical tape that is covering your stitches.  Let this area of your body recover.

Have questions about abdominoplasty? Contact the West Coast Plastic Surgery Center and set up a time to speak with a Westlake Village plastic surgeon.

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