The Benefits of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a type of cosmetic surgery that allows a surgeon to reshape a patient's nose for improved appearance or even improved health. Whether you believe it or not, rhinoplasty presents numerous benefits to those who undergo this surgical procedure.  Some of these amazing cosmetic and health benefits include:

§  correction of oversized noses

§  correction of bumps and bridges on noses

§  correction of nasal tip shape

§  widening of nostrils that may be too narrow or constricted

§  improved frontal and profile nose views

§  correction of breathing problems that may be caused by narrow nasal passages or obstructed nostrils

Finally, one last benefit of rhinoplasty is that it can improve a person's self-image.  Many people do not like their appearance simply because they are not happy with the way their noses look.  When people choose to have rhinoplasty, they can become more comfortable with their appearance and also be less self-conscious.

To speak with a Westlake Village plastic surgeon about rhinoplasty or other types of surgery, contact the West Coast Plastic Surgery Center!

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