Post Breast Augmentation

If you are going to have breast augmentation, here are some post-surgery tips that will help you recover from your procedure.  Should you have additional questions about breast augmentation or cosmetic surgery, we encourage you to contact the contact the West Coast Plastic Surgery Center and speak with a knowledgeable Westlake Village plastic surgeon.

Meet with your plastic surgeon.  After your breast augmentation, it is important that you have consultations with your surgeon to make sure you are healing correctly.  During meetings, you can also ask questions that you may have about your recovery.

Have comfortable bras.  It is a good idea to purchase comfortable bras, like cotton bras, that do not have underwire.  You will want to wear these garments as you recover from your surgery.

Avoid lifting and reaching over your head.  You should not be lifting or lifting your arms over your head after you have had a breast augmentation procedure.  If you need help reaching things, ask a friend or family member. 

Do not exercise or lift weights.  For many people, it will take 2 to 3 weeks to recover and begin or restart an exercise regime.  For others, that time period may be extended.  Always speak with your plastic surgeon about when you can exercise after your procedure and which exercises you are allowed to perform.

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