Is Swelling Normal after Rhinoplasty?

After people have had rhinoplasty, it is perfectly normal for them to experience some swelling around their noses. However, if the swelling becomes a major concern for the patient, it is advised that the patient set up a consultation with his or her plastic surgeon. The surgeon will be able to tell the patient whether or not the swelling that he or she is experiencing falls within the range of normal.

In some cases, when there is significant swelling, nasal bones may be fractured. When this is the case, a plastic surgeon can apply tape or splinting which may reduce the swelling to some extent.

As with any surgery, it is important that patients take care of themselves after their procedures are performed. In order to reduce swelling following rhinoplasty, patients are usually advised to keep their head elevated and to get sufficient rest as they recover.

If you have questions related to rhinoplasty or any other type of cosmetic procedure, contact us today to set up a consultation with a Westlake Village plastic surgeon!

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