Recovering After Botox Injections

When people choose to have Botox procedures, they will be provided with after care instructions from the medical professional that is administering the injections.  If people follow these instructions, they will find that the recovery process is much easier post injection.

Sometimes, doctors may advise that people perform facial exercises after Botox has been administered.  By having people exercise the muscles of their face, their doctors can determine whether or not the right muscles were targeted during treatment.  This is an important post injection step that patients should complete.

After Botox, patients usually do not need much downtime and are told they can resume their normal activities following the injections.  However, patients may be told to wait 24 hours before participating in strenuous activities, like exercise.  Patients may also be told to avoid lying down for four to five hours after Botox injections and it is important that people adhere to their doctors' advice.

Keep in mind, the more closely patients follow the instructions offered by their doctors, the less difficulties they will encounter while recovering from Botox.

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