More Patients Are Choosing to Have Multiple Surgical Procedures

According to numerous plastic surgeons, many patients are opting to get more than one cosmetic procedure performed at a time.  Instead of having each procedure separately, patients are maximizing their return by combining procedures.  For example, a patient may choose to have a facelift and tummy tuck performed.

One plastic surgeon revealed to a news source, "I perform multiple procedures at the same time, and I think plastic surgery is a field is going toward that direction."  He said that more and more patients are looking for an "entire package" and complete transformation instead of handling procedures on a one-off basis.

Additionally, it has been reported that patients are choosing to have surgical and non-surgical treatments at the same time.  For instance, a patient may go through a facelift and then request juvederm for additional anti-aging treatment.

While many people can have a combination of surgeries, the decision to undergo multiple surgeries at once can only be made after patients have consulted with their plastic surgeons to ensure there aren't health risks.

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