Blepharoplasty Can Correct Some Vision Problems

Most of us know that our eyes' primary purpose is sight, but did you know that the eyes' supporting structures like the eyelids, eyebrows, and eyelashes have important purposes, too? These supporting structures were designed to help move, protect, and lubricate our eyes. If any of these structures happen to become damages or impaired in any way, our vision can be adversely impacted.

This is one reason why many people consider Blepharoplasty (eyelift or eyelid surgery). Over time, it is a known fact that the eyelids lose elasticity (due to aging) and they begin to sag. When this happens, people's vision can be obstructed or impaired. Even with the help of eyeglasses or contacts, people will find that saggy eyelids present huge sight problems and Blepharoplasty is one way in which this problem can be remedied.

If you are thinking about getting Blepharoplasty because your vision has become obstructed, we encourage you tocontact our office to make an appointment with a Westlake Village plastic surgeon who can offer your insight into this procedure.

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