Doctors Can Determine Age with Saliva

While there are tremendous breakthroughs in the worlds of cosmetics and plastic surgery to help people hide their age, researchers have discovered a new way to determine your age - with just your saliva.

The new technique was released in the journal PLoS One this month, and claims to be able to determine someone's age within five years by testing a sample of saliva. Using 34 pairs of male twins, researchers were actually studying sexual orientations in twins when they stumbled upon this secondary discovery. The researchers used methylation - the isolation of a specific carbon group - to test the genes of twins. By doing this, they were able to isolate the two genes that could provide an age-related link to be then tested for age.

While it may not have practical applications to the average American, the researchers believe that law enforcement officials could one day use this test to help track down crime suspects.

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