More Men Are Considering Plastic Surgery

The flagging economy has hit nearly everyone, including those in the world of plastic surgery.

With people barely able to make their mortgage and auto payments, the demand for plastic surgery had fallen quite a bit over the past several years. It seems now, however, that with the economy starting to rejuvenate itself, so too are people returning to plastic surgery offices.

Surgeons rely on traditional surgery to bolster their bank accounts, rather than non-invasive procedures like Botox. Some doctors have already reported an increase in appointments for traditional surgery over the past few months, giving them hope that the tides have finally turned in their favor. While women have generally been the gender to seek plastic surgery, many doctors are reporting that men have started to ask for procedures as well.

Still, it has been reported that despite men seeking cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures, the ratio between men and women remains at 1-to10.

If you're a man who is thinking about getting plastic surgery, such as rhinoplasty or liposuction, contact us to recieve advice from a Westlake Village plastic surgeon today!

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