More Teenagers Demanding Plastic Surgery

Recently, the Los Angeles Times reported that more people between the ages of 13 and 19 are choosing to have reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.  In fact, it is said that in the year 2008, approximately 300,000 people from this demographic elected to have plastic surgery.

One doctor commented that the, "numbers are rising, and for every teen that underwent plastic surgery, 10 more are online right now researching the procedure they've been thinking about during every gym session, sleepover party or prom."

Some teenagers are enticed by the idea of plastic surgery because they think it will correct their insecurities.  They believe that if they have rhinoplasty or liposuction, they will feel better about themselves and cure deep-rooted insecurities with themselves.

However, doctors caution that while plastic surgery can improve a person's appearance, it will not address insecurities or self-loathing that is more or less psychological.

Fran Sherman, a licensed psychotherapist, said parents should encourage their teenagers to be themselves.  She argued that plastic surgery can fix physical abnormalities that make teenagers feel awkward about themselves, but should not be used to fit a Hollywood mold.

She said, "We as a society have to do better at building our kids' self-esteem. It has to come from within, from the inside out."  She also commented, "You're not going to get secure looking for a Band-Aid."

If your teen is considering plastic surgery and you would like to have an open discussion, contact us to meet with a Westlake Village plastic surgeon!

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