Tyra Banks Not Opposed to Plastic Surgery

During an interview, supermodel Tyra Banks announced that she is not opposed to plastic surgery.  In fact, she said she would say yes to cosmetic procedures, but only when the appropriate time comes.

While on "Piers Morgan Tonight", the media mogul asked Banks if she would be willing to have a little "nip and tuck."

She responded, "Oh definitely", without hesitation.  She said that she is open to plastic surgery and that despite rumors, she has never had breast implants.

Banks said, "It was a very big rumor that I had breast implants and I don't blame you. On the cover of these magazines, I was very young, I was 23, 24, 25, and they were up there, like, 'Bam!' They pretty much looked fake. I'll admit that they did look fake, but they weren't."

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