Hiedi Montag Says No More Plastic Surgery

Having once made headlines for her multiple plastic surgeries, 24-year-old Heidi Montag recently announced she will stop going under the knife.

In an interview with Us Weekly recently, Montag said: "Obviously when I get a little older, I'll take it from there, but for this moment, I don't want anything to do with plastic surgery!" This came as a shock to those who had followed the young reality star's plastic surgery escapades, which included cheekbone, nose and chin jobs, breast enlargement, an eyebrow lift and fat injections.

When speaking to Ryan Seacrest just one year ago, Montag admitted that "I'm weired about hugging people ow - [my body] is very fragile." In addition, Montag said that there were indeed some drawbacks to her surgeries. For example, her size "E or F" breasts make physical activity of almost any kind difficult.

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