Get Rid of Stubborn Arm Fat with Brachiplasty

Have you recently lost a significant amount of weight? Are you trying to tone up but still have problem areas, like arm fat? You are not alone. No matter how much you exercise or diet, there are areas of the body that can be more stubborn than others.

There are four basic procedures for removing arm fat, the most popular of which is a traditional brachioplasty. Better known as an arm lift, this is a common procedure in women (but also available for men) that have lost a lot of weight, usually over 100 pounds. When you lost that much weight, you may be left with hanging skin in certain areas. This is a relatively simple procedure that can drastically change your appearance.

If you are eligible for an arm lift, the procedure is as follows. You will arrive at your surgeon's office and placed under anesthesia. Each arm will be secured to the operating table and excess skin clamped tight. The skin will be removed by the surgeon and the remaining incision will be closed up with stitches. Most arm lifts take between one and two hours, after which you can return home.

Considering brachioplasty to get rid of stubborn arm fat? If so, contact the West Coast Plastic Surgery Center to set up a time to speak with a Westlake Village plastic surgeon about this procedure.

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