Results of Recent Survey Quite Shocking

People may be shocked by the results of a recent survey. According to the survey, 53% of women and 49% of men in the Unites States told researchers that they approve of cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures. However, of those surveyed, 67% said that they would feel embarrassed if their family or friends knew they had gone under the knife.

When asked about the need to look younger, 93% of those surveyed said that they feel pressured to have a more youthful appearance on a day-to-day basis. Some say that this pressure has led to an increase in plastic surgery during the past several years and that the number of procedures will only increase among people who are currently ages 31 to 45.

Another shocking revelation from the survey was that over four million in the age range of 31 to 45 underwent surgery. Researchers say that more men are open to exploring plastic surgery and are choosing to have treatments ranging from Botox (non-surgical) to facelifts (surgical).

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