Obese Women More at Risk for Complications when Getting Breast Surgeries

According to recent data, women who are obese have an increased chance of complications after breast augmentation or breast reduction surgery. From 2002 to 2006, data was collected from 8,000 women undergoing surgical breast procedures. 2,400 of these women were considered obese (having a higher body mass index).

Researchers compared the obese and non-obese women's results only to find that women who were overweight incurred more complications. Allegedly, 18% of the obese women filed insurance claims that cover breast surgery complications. Only 2% of non-obese women filed such claims post-procedure. After all the data was analyzed, researchers determined that women who are overweight have an 11.8 times higher chance of developing complications after breast surgeries.

While not all obese women will incur complications following their surgeries, it is important that they discuss side effects with an experienced Westlake Village plastic surgeon before moving forward with procedures. A surgeon can offer advice and insight so possible patients are informed.

To ask a plastic surgeon questions about breast procedures, set up a consultation by contacting the West Coast Plastic Surgery Center today.

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