New Device May Improve Results of Rhinoplasty

Recently, a medical journal that publishes articles on the topic of facial plastic surgery reported that a new ultrasonic device is helping plastic surgeons improve the results of patients' rhinoplasty procedures. The irrigating and suctioning device is said to enable surgeons to refine such surgeries.

To back the claims, a study was conducted on over 100 rhinoplasty patients who were evaluated post-surgery at set time increments. The majority of the patients experienced improved results when the ultrasonic device was used during their rhinoplasty surgeries.

According to the news source, the device allows surgeons to reach hard to access areas in the nose and also reduces the amount of damage to surrounding cartilage within the nasal cavity. Overall, both patients and investigators were pleased with the end results and say that more surgeons may choose to use the device as it is know for its precision.

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