Pet Plastic Surgery on the Rise?

We all know that plastic surgery is on the rise for humans, but did you know that there is a demand for cosmetic procedures amongst the pet owner demographic? According to news sources, more and more pet owners are taking their dogs and cats to surgeons for surgical procedures, such as rhinoplasty.

When interviewed, one pet owner said that she was willing to spend money for her dog to have surgery because she believed it would present health benefits. The dog, who had problems breathing due to his breed, was a candidate for rhinoplasty. The woman said that she felt such a procedure would correct her dog's breathing and make him less susceptible to health problems – the surgeon she spoke with agreed.

Other common pet surgeries include facelifts for dogs with lots of skin folds as well as chin lifts for dogs with lose skin along their jaw lines. Surgeons offering plastic surgery to pets say that such procedures can prevent bacterial infections and may increase the health and overall well-being of people's pets.

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