Ashley Judd Challenges Plastic Surgery Rumors

Another actress is denying plastic surgery rumors in Hollywood. Despite her recent appearance, Ashley Judd claims that she has had nothing done to her face in the past few months. After several pictures surfaced of Judd with a puffy face, several media outlets started discussing the possibility of injections and other plastic surgery procedures. The actress quickly responded to the rumors by stating that she had a sinus infection. Judd was prescribed steroids to fight the infection, which may have caused her face to appear puffier than usual.

She went on to criticize the reporters who claimed to be able to tell exactly what types of procedures she had had done to her face, stating that the rumors were unfounded. In a recent TV interview, Judd spoke about all of the criticism she has endured during her career, up to her new TV show called "Missing." Judd told reporters that American society has grown very critical of all women, but particularly those in the entertainment industry. Rather than believing that she may be ill, the media was quick to jump to the conclusion that she has had some plastic surgery done in order to appeal in further to the public's vision of beauty. Are you thinking about having a plastic surgery procedure in California? If so, set up your consultation with a Westlake Village plastic surgeon today by contacting the West Coast Plastic Surgery Center. We can inform you of your cosmetic options and answer questions you may have.

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