Girl Mauled by Raccoons Received Reconstructive Surgery

People get plastic surgery for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, a man or woman simply wants to improve his or her looks on a cosmetic basis. Other times, plastic surgery is essential to a facial reconstruction after a horrific accident. When a person suffers lacerations to the face, it can create serious and painful scars that can disfigure a complexion. With a little help, a plastic surgeon can minimize the cosmetic damage from a fall, animal attack, or another wounding experience.

A little girl in Michigan recently went under the knife after she was violently attacked by a posse of raccoons. According to Wood TV, the victim, Charlotte, is now ten years old. Her attack took place when she was only 3 months old. The child was sleeping in her crib as a baby when her biological parents’ pet raccoon jumped in with her. The animal tore at Charlotte’s face, disfiguring her almost immediately. Child Protection Services took Charlotte away from her biological parents due to negligence, and she was moved to her great-aunt and uncle’s home. She and her brother were later adopted by their relatives.

Now, her adopted parents are taking Charlotte to a plastic surgeon specialist who they hope can rebuild her marred face. They started work to restore Charlotte’s face last week, using skin grafts to rebuild her ears and the parts of her nose that she lost during the horrible attack. The ten-year-old told news cameras that she misses her best friend but is enjoying all the attention that she is getting from the press. Charlotte’s plastic surgeon says that the procedure will be a battle of blood and beauty as they attempt to rebuild her face. Whether you want a cosmetic procedure, or seek to reduce scars and disfiguring damage from an accident, Dr. Yuly Gorodisky is here to help! Call the office today to schedule your appointment for a reconstructive surgery.

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