Husband and Wife go Under the Knife

Some couples love to do everything together. For Heather and David Robertson, it was no question that when one of them got plastic surgery, the other should too. According to ABC News, the couple decided to go into surgery together to each receive a new look. Mr. Robertson told reporters that he got a bonus at work and that he was “game” to “see what happened” during a reconstructive surgery. While the couple’s marriage is better than ever, their bodies have taken a slight toll. According to David, his wife has had four children and he believes that if she wants a tummy tuck she deserves to get one done.

While his wife sought a sleek physique through a tummy tuck, David chose a chin life for his cosmetic surgery. He told news stations that he has gained 50 pounds since getting married and has developed a double chin that he wants to eliminate. He said that his wife still sees the 135 pound, muscular David that she met years ago in her head, but he sees the 185 pound David in the mirror. He thought a chin life might make him more attractive to his wife and give him more respect in the work place. The couple hope that their cosmetic surgeries can help them to start a new chapter in their lives.

Dr. Anthony Yonn, a plastic surgeon, says that more and more couples are coming into to get treatments together. A lot of couples decide that they want to both appear more attractive to their spouse, and embark on their search for a new look together. On the day of their surgeries, David received his chin lift first, and then Heather went in for her tummy tuck. Both spouses say that they are happy with the results of their surgeries. If you want to go under the knife with your spouse by your side, then talk to Dr. Yuly Gorodisky to set up appointments!

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