Making the Right Choice with Plastic Surgery

For thousands of men and women in the United States, plastic surgery is a practical way to improve the appearance in a matter of hours. Yet USA Today recently wrote an article cautioning plastic surgery advocates from stepping into the surgical room without doing all their research. Recently, the major news entity learned that only half of the United States requires licensing or accreditation of medical offices where surgery is performed. In addition, many accreditation and licensing rules only cover surgeries if the patient is fully anesthetized. Other laws may only apply if a client has private insurance of if the patient will be using Medicare to pay for the procedure. Most cosmetic procedures aren’t covered under Medicare unless they are because of an illness or a serious accident and are reconstructive in nature.

In the United States, there is an average of 4,500 medical spas. Only five years ago, there were only 800. The growth of med spas may make plastic surgery more accessible, but it has also compromised a lot of the legal oversight and attention that these med spas are supposed to receive. The Federation of State Medical Boards recently hosted a workshop for all medical board attorneys that showed how medical spas are supposed to be watched over and how office-based cosmetic surgeries should be conducted.

Because medical spas and plastic surgeons may not always get the professional oversight that would be best, it is essential that these men and women are dedicated to excellence in their medical profession. At Dr. Yuly Gorodisky’s practice, you can be sure that he will only practice procedures that he has been trained and board certified in. Dr. Gorodisky is dedicated to excellence. He wants his patients to emerge from his office confident and enthusiastic about their new appearance. He does not want his patients to have anything to fear. Contact Dr. Gorodisky today if you are pondering plastic surgery and want to discuss your options with a professional.

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