Comedian Pulls Plastic Surgery Gag

A controversial comedian has raised eyebrows over a recent picture posted on a social site this month. It shows the comedian with handfuls of cash insinuating that he is about to go out and get some plastic surgery done.

This is all a publicity stunt, however, as the comedian has no intentions of doing so. He is merely making fun of the Hollywood culture that perpetuates heavy amounts of plastic surgery. This is just the type of gag that this comedian would pull to garner more attention. He caused quite a stir at last year's awards when he made some off-color jokes. Audiences are wondering what is in store for the 2012 award show.

Plastic surgery is not reserved for the rich and famous anymore. More and more people are exploring their surgical options not just to change their appearance but to improve their health as well. If you have questions about plastic surgery or are contemplating getting a certain procedure done, do not hesitate to contact the West Coast Plastic Surgery Center to schedule an appointment with a Westlake Village plastic surgeon.

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