Charity Grants Free Plastic Surgeries to Bullied Teens

Being ridiculed for your appearance can be traumatizing, and hurtful comments can last a lifetime. If you have ever been made fun of because of your facial features, body shape, or another physical characteristic, you know that the pain can carry on into adulthood. For teens in this day and age, image seems to be everything. Yet some charities are trying to help the most bullied teens to afford changing their appearance through plastic surgery.

Time Magazine reports that the Little Baby Face Foundation is a new charity that is funding the costs of bullied teens to get the look of their dreams and avoid ridicule because of obvious facial defects. One young teen that benefitted from the charity was able to get her ears pinned back after years of being made fun of and called “elephant ears.” The young girl wanted to get the surgery one year for her birthday, but a $40,000 price tag was just too much for her family to afford.

The Little Baby Face Foundation was able to perform an ostoplasty which pinned the teens’ ears back and gave her new confidence in life. She was also given a rhinoplasty and a mentoplasty to balance out her features. If you have suffered through bullying and want to alter your appearance in order to avoid hurtful comments, then talk to Dr. Gorodisky.

He specializes in face and breast surgeries and can give you a beautiful alteration that will leave you more confident and satisfied in your appearance. In addition to a face or body cosmetic surgeries, Dr. Gorodisky performs a variety of nonsurgical treatments which could help to smooth your skin, eliminate acne and more. Talk to him today for more information on how to get the beautiful body you want and eliminate the insecurity that you developed from bullying.

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