Chin Surgeries Sky-Rocketing in Popularity Due to Video-Chatting

One of the fastest growing plastic surgery reconstructions is chin surgery, which is now a popular reconstructive choice for men and women. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, chin surgeries are the fastest-growing surgery trend among all major demographics. Surgeons believe that part of the reason for this is the growing popularity of video-chat communication. Mediums like Facetime for iPhone or Skype involve talking with loved ones through computer screens. Often, the way that these phone and computer cameras capture the face causes an awkward angle on the chin.

As well, people are choosing chin reconstruction to become more successful in the work place. In 2011, chin reconstructions become more popular than breast augmentations, Botox, and liposuctions combined. The procedure is gender neutral. Chin reconstruction is the most rapidly increasing procedure in men and women over 40. Overall, 20,680 people opted for a chin reconstruction last year.That equated to a 71 percent increase since 2010.

The majority of these customers were men, rather than women, and were over 55. Still, a great amount of women also received surgeries. 5,075 50=54 year olds received a chin surgery, while over 2,500 people in their 30’s had the procedure done. As well, 2,750 people in their 20’s received some sort of reconstruction. Chin implants can make a man’s jawline sharp, or help a woman to augment her face shape. People who communicate a lot over video-chatting say that they often grow insecure when they see their image in the lower corner of the window. These individuals feel more confident with a redefined chin. Talk to Dr. Yuly Gorodisky today if you want to put your insecurities behind you and enable yourself to feel confident when video-chatting.

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