More and More Americans Asking for Toe Reconstruction

ABC News refers to it as “toe-besity.” Some people don’t like the shape of their toes, claiming that they are too fat or thick to look attractive in sandals or stilettos. For others, “toe-besity” isn’t all about the looks, but it causes their shoes to fit uncomfortably and causes pain. Whatever the reason, if you believe that your toes are too large, there is now a way to fix the problem. Dieting probably won’t help you to slim your toes down, and exercising them won’t help them to obtain the shape you desire. The easiest way to get rid of fat toes is to schedule a reconstructive surgery. Just like removing fat from your belly or thighs, you can get rid of the unwanted fat on your toes.

Some plastic surgeons specialize in this procedure, while others are slowly learning the art of reducing “toe-besity.” Along with reducing the fat in toes, plastic surgeons are learning how to shorten toes or shape them so that they allow the patient to be more confident with his or her feet. Some people are self-conscious about their feet because of a toe problem, and won’t even wear sandals in the summer time to avoid being laughed at or talked about. Yet with the proper foot care procedures, anyone can feel confident in their flashiest shoes.

Both men and women are now flocking to plastic surgeons for toe reconstruction. When asked why they chose to have the procedure done, most people told ABC News that they wanted to eliminate embarrassment. Because tow reconstructions are considered elective, your insurance company may not cover the costs. However, if you are self-conscious about your feet, this may be the perfect way to eliminate the problem. When you are looking for a reconstructive surgery, start with Dr. Yuly Gorodisky. Talk to someone at his office today to discuss your options.