Dr. Gorodisky on Late Night Health on Radio

Is Liposuction a good weight loss method?

The question from the radio host in this health segments was, "is plastic surgery a good alternative to weight loss?" Dr. Gorodisky discussed that he feels it is important that the patient loses some weight on their own if they are very overweight. Belly fat was brought up as an issue for discussion, and how belly fat can be a precursor to heart disease and other problems. The doctor outlined how a large deposit of belly fat is ordinarily not the only area of the body that has fat, and that the individual in this situation can get healthier by increasing their physical activities, and he advises them to do so as the first step.

The doctor answered the issue of belly fat as a metabolic problem. Plastic surgery such as liposuction is best used to contour the body, and to assist in the goal of a flat, trim stomach or more shapely thighs, neck or upper arms in which it has not been possible to resolve through exercise.

The doctor also discussed the safety of the procedure, based upon the general health of the patient. A full evaluation of health must be done to reduce any danger from the procedure. Elective surgery should not be performed on unhealthy patients.

Dr. Gorodisky talked about the difference between being a D.O. (Doctor of Osteopathy) which is a more holistic approach to medicine. These physicians are fully trained and certified to perform surgeries, prescribe medications, but are focused on the health of the whole person. With a long and thorough residency of up two to three years, a D.O. has exceptional credentials. You can listen to the whole interview by clicking on http://www.latenighthealth.com/5-5-12.html.

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