Men like to Call it "Brotox"

Most of the time, we associate Botox procedures with women. Oftentimes females will decide to head to a cosmetic surgeon and pay for some of these injections to make their skin more youthful and fresh. Yet plastic surgeons are saying that "brotox" may become a new trend. More and more men are coming in for a Botox treatment. In fact, there has been a 258 percent increase in the number of men undergoing Botox treatment in the past ten years, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. More men choose Botox than any other form of cosmetic surgery. In 2010, 336,834 men visited plastic surgeons to receive toxin injections and improve their appearance. Most often, men received Botox to reduce a furrowed brow which made them appear angry. When men get Botox, they want to smooth out wrinkles or eliminate lines.

They usually request a spot treatment that keeps it from being obvious that they have gotten work done. Women, on the other hand, normally want an all-over makeover. Part of the reason that men tend to choose Botox is because the effects are temporary, usually lasting about four months. Males like the procedure because recovery is easy, and they go in and get a cosmetic improvement without having to make a big deal about it. If you are looking for a great plastic surgeon in Westlake Village, then look no further. Dr. Yuly Gorodisky is a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon who can give you the rejuvenating look that you want. Whether male or female, young or old, we can help you to get the body and face that you want. Contact someone at West Coast Plastic Surgery Center today to get more information about what sort of options are available to you.

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