Minimize a Scar with Plastic Surgery!

Scars are often distracting and unattractive, and can take away from the natural beauty of your body or face. If you have a scar that you want to eliminate, scar minimizing plastic surgery techniques may be able to help. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons says that the scars can be eliminated by a variety of different procedures.

For one, you may want a simple topical treatment that you can rub on your scar in order to help it go away or that can be applied by a surgeon. If your scar is larger or more intense, then you can use a minimally invasive procedure to reduce the prominence of the scar. If the healed wound leaves a very large scar, especially on the face, then you may want to have a surgical revision like a wound closure.

Although a scar cannot be completely erased, a skilled plastic surgeon is able to eliminate the coloration of your scar or the way that it stands out on your face or body. If you are bothered by your scar, physically healthy, and have realistic goals for the surgery, then you should look into one of these procedures. Scar revisions are not recommended for people who smoke, or for those who have active acne and other skin diseases that need to be treated.

When opting for a type of scar revision, a surgeon will help to minimize your mark. The effectiveness of the surgery or procedure may also be contingent on the wound. If you have a lot of scar tissue it may be difficult to erase the scar to unnoticeable means. If you choose to undergo one of these surgeries, make sure that you follow the physician’s instructions. These may be key to your recovery and successful surgery! Talk to Dr. Yuly Gorodisky from West Coast Plastic Surgery Center if you need more information about a scar revision!

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