The Bachelorette Enhanced Her Beauty with Plastic Surgery

Every Monday night, Americans huddle in front of their T.V. sets to watch another episode of the realty T.V. show The Bachelorette. This show depicts on beautiful woman with 25 men vying for her attention. Slowly, this year’s Bachelorette is weeding out the men that she doesn’t like by withholding a red rose from them. At the end of the season, viewers wait to see who the Bachelorette chooses as her husband, and the show climaxes with the couple’s engagement. This year, a North Carolina sweetheart named Emily Maynard is dazzling the screen with her beauty and charm as the 2012 Bachelorette.

Sources revealed that Emily’s beauty was enhanced by a few plastic surgeries that have helped her top become the desirable woman she is today. According to various entities, Emily Maynard received a breast augmentation, nose job, and veneers in order to improve her stunning appearance. Sources allege that she had a tough time as a high school student when she came down with Bell’s palsy. This disease left half of her face paralyzed for months, and the incident led to serious insecurities. Once Emily graduated, she embarked on a journey to perfect her appearance with some cosmetic surgeries. These surgeries supposedly occured before she was ever featured on The Bachelor and before she conceded to act as the Bachelorette.

If you have insecurities about your body, there is nothing wrong with altering your least desirable characteristics. Maybe a breast augmentation, a Botox injection, or a nasal rhinoplasty can help you feel better about your appearance and give you the confidence you need to meet people of the opposite sex. Like the Bachelorette, a cosmetic surgery might be able to make you more desirable and rid you of your insecurities. If you want to improve your appearance, then you can talk to Dr. Gorodisky for more information. Contact him today!

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