Plastic Surgeon May Be In Trouble for Illegally Using Kim Kardashian's Image

A plastic surgeon in Mexico is in legal trouble after using a reality TV star's picture without her permission. Kim Kardashian's legal team is already preparing to sue the doctor who used her picture on a billboard. Although the billboard does not claim that the doctor himself performed any surgery on the star, it does use her picture without her permission. The message on the billboard says: "Don't risk your body or your health," with a picture of the star in a bikini. An online source recently contacted the doctor to ask him about the billboard. When asked if he requested Kardashian's permission, he admitted that he hadn't. But when he was informed that he could not use her picture without being granted permission, he reportedly hung up and threatened to call the police.

Since it her representatives state that Kardashian does not endorse a product without explicit approval and funding, the doctor is may face legal action. In the meantime, the billboard remains in place in Mexico promoting the benefits of plastic surgery. If you'd like to learn how plastic surgery can improve your appearance, take the time to contact the West Coast Plastic Surgery Center and set up a consultation with an experienced Westlake Village plastic surgeon from our office. We will take the time to advise you of cosmetic procedures and also answer any questions you may have.

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