Breast Reductions: Not Just for Women

Women are not the only patients seeking corrective surgery for their breasts. Over the past few years, more men are opting for plastic surgery to fix what have been labeled as "man breasts." There is a medical condition called "gynecomastia" which is the accumulation of excess fat and/or tissue in the chest region. Men going through puberty can experience this accumulation of fat in the chest region. Older men may also experience gynecomastia as a heredity condition. However, it can also develop due to interactions with certain medications, a fluctuation in weight or hormonal shifts.

Whereas women usually opt for breast augmentation to enhance, men will ask for the opposite, breast reduction. This is a fairly simple procedure that usually involves liposuction of the fatty tissues in unwanted areas. Male patients who have had a breast reduction are usually very satisfied with the results, as it may be difficult to reduce chest size with a change in diet and exercise alone. This procedure allows men to feel more comfortable going shirtless and feel more confident in their day-to-day lives. Curious about breast reduction? Contact the West Coast Plastic Surgery Center now to receive information and insight from a Westlake Village plastic surgeon!

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