More Mothers Having Mommy Makeovers

Sources say that plastic surgeons have seen an increase in a specific segment of their clientele. More women are opting for "mommy makeovers," or multiple procedures that will help bring them back to their pre-pregnancy bodies. One plastic surgeon spoke about this growing trend, stating that these women "want to stay young and feel young, and preserve the body they've had," as opposed to older generations who accepted their post-pregnancy bodies. He attributes this obsession to the media and the general acceptance of plastic surgery overall. The American Society of Plastic Surgery released a report showing that in 2009, 36% of the minimal non-invasive cosmetic procedures were conducted on women between the ages of 30 and 39. However, younger women also had a sizable chunk of those surgeries, coming in at 29 percent.

Some procedures are more popular than others, such as breast augmentations. According to the ASPS, breast implant surgeries increased 55% from 2000 to 2006. During that time breast lifts, a procedure that is common for "mommy makeover" patients, increased 96%. Tummy tucks and buttock lifts also increased over the past ten years. Are you thinking about having a particular plastic surgery procedure? If so, set up a time to consult an experienced Westlake Village plastic surgeon by contacting the West Coast Plastic Surgery Center today.

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