Emerging Plastic Surgery Procedures

Plastic surgery procedures have boomed over the past decade. While the practice of cosmetic surgery was once reserved for those that needed a reconstructive operation because of a scar or burn, it is now a commonplace procedure that is done by men and women who want to enhance their appearance. Presently, men and women get facial reconstruction, liposuction, implants, and other nip and tuck operations done in order to manipulate their body into the appearance that they want. In the future, more and more men and women will start seeing a host of plastic surgery options that could appeal to them, and news reports predict that plastic surgery will become more and more common as time goes on.

One procedure that The Huffington Post expects will boom in the future is the Breform mesh bra. This is a bra implant that is made of mesh. It will hold up a woman’s breasts so that she never has to put on a bra again. Over the next 10 years, doctors predict that procedures like this one will become more and more popular. Also on the rise is the skill to create heel implants which will make walking more comfortable for people who are always on their feet like waiters and nurses. Another up and coming plastic surgery procedure is abnormal body modifications.

Teens that are passionate about a particular video game, anime series, or movie are coming to plastic surgery clinics and hoping that they can imitate the people that they love. This means forking tongues, implanting horns, or reshaping ears so that they look elf-like, among other things. Some people have requesting webbed toes or claws on their fingers in recent times. No matter what plastic surgery procedure you want done, you will want to hire an accomplished doctor to perform the job. You certainly don’t want to trust an unprofessional doctor with your appearance. Contact Dr. Yuly Gorodisky today if you want a body modification such as a facelift, liposuction, or butt lift and want a physician you can trust to do the job!

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