Plastic Surgery with a Cause: Injured Troops Get Reconstruction

When a soldier is injured in war, the pain can be more than skin deep. In fact, scars and deformities can bring on a life of embarrassment. A lot of men and women who incurred injuries on the battlefield are now coming home and trying to hide their appearances in order to avoid the ridicule they think that they will receive. Many war wounds are graphic. There are times that men and women are deformed because of shrapnel wounds, or receive a massive scar from a burn wound on the field.

Yet scientists are growing ears, bone, and skin in the lab and planning for extreme plastic surgeries like face transplants, so that men and women can arrive back in the U.S. and get a new start. The most advanced medical tools that exist in the U.S. are now being deployed to help America’s wounded troops. In Los Angeles, plastic surgeons were able to rebuild a nose for a man who was disfigured in Iraq from a bomb. Another man who served our country in Afghanistan was given a new thigh after his was damaged forma blast. In Boston, scientists are working on creating ears for troops who lost theirs during combat.

More and more plastic surgeons are marketing their services towards men and women who want plastic surgery because of a wound. Scar revision or reconstructive surgery may be able to help you achieve the appearance you want. You probably hate the distraction that your current appearance creates when you walk into a room. You want to be regarded as more than an injured soldier, and a reconstructive surgery could help you to achieve that. Talk to Dr. Yuly Gorodisky today if you are a soldier who is in need of cosmetic surgery!

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