The New Trend in Plastic Surgery

Are you always trying to keep up on the latest trends? Well, like clothes or technology, there are also fads in the realm of plastic surgery. Recently, the New York Daily News announced that more and more patients are coming to plastic surgeons with the same request: they all want to get a buttock enhancement. Over 700 people have recently flocked to plastic surgeons in Southern California to get a buttock enhancement that makes them feel more confident about their body.

One young woman told the New York Daily News that she was unhappy pre-surgery, but now she feels great about her body. Like this patient, hundreds are obtaining S-Curve Buttock Lifts which take fat from the tummy or another source and inject it into the buttocks to make them higher and rounder. Others are opting for implants which are placed under the skin of the buttocks to make them smoother or firmer.

In Southern California, residents spend a lot of time by the beach or in the pool. This means showing off more skin than you may display in other states. The weather in Southern California keeps many women in thin and revealing clothes all year, which means that there’s no reason to cover up your body. One woman interviewed by the New York Daily News says that she dieted and worked out, but still couldn’t tone her derriere like she wanted to.

Eventually, she admitted that she was going to need a helping hand to get the body that she wanted. With the help of a Southern California surgeon, this middle-aged woman was able to get the shape that she wanted. Last year, some 13.8 million cosmetic surgeries were carried out in the United States. That’s five percent more than in 2010. Plastic surgery is on the rise as more and more people go under the knife and come out with the body that they have always wanted. Talk to Dr. Yuly Gorodisky today if you want to look into a butt lift or an enhancement surgery that can leave you looking confident and beautiful!

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