Arm Lifts: Are They Worth your While?

If you are currently considering an arm lift, then there are some things that you will want to know. Arm lifts, also called brachioplasties, are highly effective cosmetic procedures that can help those with excess fat and skin beneath the upper arms.

This can be an inherited propensity, or may be the result of extreme weight loss. Some body types are more likely to develop the excess fat of the upper arm, and many men and women are dissatisfied with this look. As a result, cosmetic surgeons can remove that excess skin and fat with a brachioplasty. While diet and exercise may be able to remove some of the fat, there is many times that the arm lift procedures are needed.

A brachioplasty is not intended to replace a diet or exercise regimen, but to help you to instill confidence about your body. People who want arm lift surgeries must be healthy, and have no underlying health conditions that could become a problem. Arm lift patients should not be smokers, as this can sometimes complicate the recovery process after this surgery. You should stop taking any dietary supplements, anti-inflammatory medications and aspirin in the weeks leading up to the surgery in order to ensure a faster recovery.

Normally, patients who undergo a brachioplasty are allowed to go home with their on the day of the procedure, though they will need to take of up to two weeks off for recovery. In most cases, a brachioplasty will result in toned and thin arms that will help to improve the patient's self-image. If you are searching for a plastic surgeon to discuss if a brachioplasty is right for you, Dr. Yuly Gorodisky may be able to help. This Ventura plastic surgeon can help you to achieve the look that you have been looking for, so contact him today for more information!

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