Interested in a New Look for Mother's Day?

At West Coast Plastic Surgery Center, Dr. Gorodisky has experienced a sharp rise in popularity of 'mommy makeover' procedures for Mother's Day. A combination of breast augmentation, breast lift, or body contouring treatments, the mommy makeover has become a growing trend in plastic surgery practices across the country. Mother's Day is a celebration of the sacrifice and beauty of motherhood and patients get to revel in this by undergoing a complete transformation.

The rising demand for breast and body procedures can be largely attributed to the effects of childbirth on a woman's body, and the desire of many mothers to counteract those changes. A significant number of patients desire to restore their figure to the way it was before pregnancy and to enjoy the beauty and wonders of motherhood without relinquishing their self-esteem.

Correcting post-pregnancy physical changes in a single operation provides a desired result for patients who are happier with what they see in the mirror, and are more confident in a bikini on the beach. The mommy makeover can help patients address everything from sagging breasts to pooches, love handles, and stretched genitals in one operation. One operation also means one recovery period and a lower overall surgical cost. Additionally, patients may benefit from some weight loss and improved core strength and posture.

Dr. Gorodisky's before and after pictures are impressive and the results continue to improve over a year. If you are a mother whose body has been sacrificed for the miracle of life, Dr. Gorodisky can help you get your body back! Contact West Coast Plastic Surgery Center today to find out more information about mommy makeovers and how this procedure can increase your confidence and sex appeal.

Don't forget to RSVP for our Mother's Day event on May 9th from 4-7 pm at the Oxnard office. We will celebrate Motherhood with food and wine and you will be able to meet Dr. Gorodisky and his staff. You can bring your friends and your questions, as well as take advantage of our promotions on the day of the event. RSVP by calling 805-983-1999!

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