A Brachioplasty Can Complete a New Look after Weight Loss

A diet is hard work, and if you lost a significant amount of weight by eating right and exercising, you may be anxious to show off your accomplishment. After all of that work and discipline, you deserve a reward. But if you still have excess skin that has not tightened after your weight loss, then you should consider a brachioplasty.

This is an arm lift that can tone the upper arm skin so that it does not hang. Oftentimes women with flabby upper arms will become self-conscious and may steer clear of wearing strapless outfits, spaghetti straps, halter tops, or any other clothing without sleeves. You can banish this self-consciousness with a brachioplasty procedure provided by Ventura plastic surgeon Dr. Yuly Gorodisky.

No matter how much you work out, toning won't get rid of excess loose skin. This is why an out-patient plastic surgery procedure may be the best way for you get the appearance that you need. According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, American women are no longer tolerating the loose under arm skin that they have been dealing with for years. Instead, they are opting for brachioplasties. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reports that there has been an 812% increase in the number of brachioplasties since 1997.

A brachioplasty is an outpatient procedure and the patient may receive either local, sedation, or general anesthesia. When using local anesthesia or sedation, the patients don't need to be put to sleep for the surgery and eliminate the risks and side-effects of general anesthesia such as nausea and disorientation. After the procedure, patients should limit their upper arm activity for about two weeks.

As a patient, your lifestyle and your commitment to exercise will help to determine the success of the surgery. If you tone the muscles underneath the skin this will help the arms to look even tighter and smoother. If you are a patient who has some extra fat but not much loose skin then you may want to consider liposuction instead of a brachioplasty. Dr. Gorodisky can perform both of these procedures to give you the beautiful arms that you have always wanted.

Hire this Thousand Oaks plastic surgeon today if you want more information about brachioplasties or are interested in exploring this procedure further! The West Coast Plastic Surgery Center comes highly recommended. In fact, Dr. Gorodisky has been voted the Best Cosmetic Surgeon of Ventura County by the VCReporter. This board-certified plastic surgeon also serves clients from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Sherman Oaks, and more. Contact him today!

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