Fixing Scarring from an Animal Attack with Plastic Surgery

Animal attacks can leave a person with deep gashes on his or her face and body. As a result, there may be unattractive scarring from the tooth marks and the puncture wounds. After medical care is administered, the scars may still remain. For example, many dog bite victims are given stitches, staples, or bandages for their wounds that do not diminish the raised and discolored marks that will be left on their face or body for years. Whether you were mauled by a vicious dog, scratched violently by a cat, or injured by a wild animal, the results are often the same. That is why many animal attack victims resort to reconstructive plastic surgery to help them obtain the fresh and clear appearance that they have always wanted.

With a reconstructive plastic surgeon on your side, you will be on your way to toned, smooth skin. In some cases, a skilled surgeon can make it look as if you never suffered a traumatic animal attack. Sometimes these types of surgeries can even be covered by insurance since they are for a medical procedure rather than purely cosmetic preferences. If your child was attacked by an animal, you should consider allowing him or her to go in for surgery now while the child’s skin is young and can recover quickly from the surgery. If you wait until later in life, the child’s scars may be deeper and it may be harder to make them disappear.

There are a variety of different procedures that plastic surgeons can use to erase the scar markings on a person’s face or body. Most often, surgeons will use a tactic that is called scar revision. With scar revision, you can choose between a minimally invasive surgery or an advanced technique which will provide wound closure. There are also some topical treatments issued by plastic surgeons which may be able to help you. All of the processes have the same intent: to minimize scars so that they blend in with the surrounding skin. If you want more information about scar revision, Dr. Yuly Gorodisky may have answers for you. Contact him today for more information.

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