Generational Plastic Surgery Encourages All Ages to Explore Procedures

Women of all ages are slowly turning to plastic surgery to fix features on their bodies and faces that they would prefer looked a different way. Recently, New York plastic surgeons say that they are seeing a trend called “generational plastic surgery.” This occurs when relatives of different generations choose to explore the process of plastic surgery together and all obtain the work that they want at the same time. Plastic surgeons say that grandmothers, mothers and granddaughters are all coming in together to alter their appearance.

Many doctors say that generational plastic surgery is a beneficial idea. They explain that while the idea may seem odd at first, undergoing procedures at the same time can help family members to support each other through recovery. By having procedures at the same time, these women are able to understand what their relatives are going through firsthand. Typically, generational plastic surgeries involve three women getting different procedures at the same time. For example, a grandmother may want to get a facelift, while a mother may opt for liposuction. A granddaughter may be coming in to get a nose job done. Younger patients also opt from non-invasive surgeries in order to avoid scarring at a young age.

According to ABC News, 34 percent of all facial plastic surgeons reported an increase in patients that were getting plastic surgery with a partner. Like friends getting tattoos at the same time or both undergoing a necessary medical procedure, having a friend by your side during plastic surgery may help to boost your confidence. If you and a family member or friend want to get dual procedures done, Dr. Yuly Gorodisky may be the right surgeon for you. You can talk to him today if you want more information about the services that he offers. Dial (866) 909-2945 for more information!

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