Risks of Plastic Surgery Overseas

Recently, third world hospitals have drawn in European and American patients who are looking for cheaper ways to get their plastic surgery. South Africa especially has reported a huge increase in those hoping to get a cosmetic procedure such as facelift, nose reshaping, and liposuction at half the cost. It is not uncommon for patients to plan a vacation to go along with their surgery, hoping to have a little fun while in a foreign country.

Cosmetic surgery companies are even offering a VIP-style package that includes a holiday with a tailored cosmetic procedure. One such company, Secret Surgery Ltd., flies their patients to Poland for a four day trip that includes expensive dinners, city tours, a personal shopping experience, and even an escort to the hospital before the surgery. Though Secret Surgery Ltd. claims to ensure that their patients will have the safest overseas experience possible, other medical experts are not quite as convinced.

In a Fox News report, Dr. David Samadi addresses the risks of having an overseas procedure, warning patients to carefully research the doctor and the medical facilities in which they are considering having the procedure done. Though medicine has become increasingly globalized, standards for quality and sterilization are not the same in every country. Samadi encourages patients to make sure the doctor is at an accredited institution that has no history of malpractice before undertaking any medical care. His colleague, Dr. Marc Siegel, further warns against having a vacation along with a procedure. Cosmetic surgery is still a medical procedure that could have complications, so it is vital to treat it as such.

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