The Most Requested Plastic Surgery Job

If you are going in for plastic surgery, you may already have an improvement in mind. You may bring photos of your favorite celebrity of a beautiful model and show how you want your facial features to be shaped like his or hers. For many women, there is a growing trend. While many ask for Angelina Jolie’s lips or another celebrity’s physique, the most common request if for a nose that looks just like Kate Middleton’s. The Duchess of Cambridge has a striking profile that has inspired thousands of women to get nose jobs that will make their face look more similar to hers. The amount of Kate Middleton imitation surgeries in the UK was overwhelming.

One cosmetic surgery group told the Inquisitor that people naturally choose celebrities that are beautiful and are striking in a natural sort of way. While Kate Middleton may top the charts when it comes to celebrity lookalike plastic surgeries, there are others who have made the list. Many are coming into plastic surgery clinics asking for Robert Pattinson’s jaw, Zac Efron’s hair and eyes, and Ashton Kutcher’s cheeks. Women often come in asking for Rosie Huntingon-Whiteley eyes and Nicole Scherzinger lips.

With the advances in technology and the breakthroughs in cosmetic surgery, it is now possible to imitate the facial features of nearly any celebrity. If you have always wanted eyes like your favorite actress, a nose like a beautiful model that you have always admired, or the same chin as a successful singer, then you need to head to Dr. Gorodisky with photos in hand. He is an acclaimed plastic surgeon that specializes in the face, breast, and body. He is willing to give you the look that you want with careful and professional plastic surgery that you can be proud to show off.

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