Is Scar Revision Right for You?

Are you self-conscious about scars that you have on your body? Scars are evidence that your body has healed from a wound, but there are times that they can appear unsightly, or may draw unwanted attention. Many scars are unavoidable at the time of the surgery or accident, but the visibility of the scar can be reduced with cosmetic surgery techniques.

At the West Coast Plastic Surgery Center, Ventura plastic surgeon Dr. Yuly Gorodisky and his team can work to revise your scars so that they do not stand out as much. There are a variety of different ways to treat scars. You might want to opt for a simple topical treatment that may be able to reduce any stark color contrasts. Also, you can choose a minimally invasive procedure. Plastic surgeons also offer surgical revision with advanced techniques in wound closure.

Scar revision surgery may be right for you if you are bothered by a scar on your body and are physically healthy and if you aren't a smoker and have a positive outlook on the surgery. Scar revision surgeries and treatments are normally performed in the plastic surgeon's office or at an outpatient surgical facility, and depending on the surgery technique you choose, the procedure can take anywhere from minutes to several hours. The procedure may be performed with injections or under local anesthesia, depending on the severity of your scarring and the type and size of the scar.

Injectable filler may be able to raise a concave or depressed scar, making it less obvious. Surface treatments can also soften the surface irregularities on your skin and reduce any uneven pigmentation on the skin. Some of these surface treatments include skin bleaching, chemical peels, laser therapy, or dermabrasions. Extensive scars may need surgical excision, tissue rearrangement, or even skin grafting. Discuss your situation with Dr. Yuly Gorodisky, who was voted Best Plastic Surgeon in Ventura County, to find out if any of these scar revision treatments are right for you.

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