How to Make a Bad Facelift Look Good

Doubtless you have seen individuals with a bad facelift. The skin looks tight, the patient looks emotionless and the entire face seems strained. At the West Coast Plastic Surgery Center, we have seen patients who come for repairs of poor plastic surgery technique. We also do everything possible to avoid these mistakes. Dr. Gorodisky understands what makes a facelift look bad, and he uses this information to make sure that we make our facelifts look as natural and beautiful as possible.

One reason that facelifts can look unnatural is if the patient tells the doctor what to do. Some patients think that they have their facelift figured out. Even though they have no medical training, they may specifically instruct their doctor as to how to perform the procedure.

At the West Coast Plastic Surgery Center, we certainly want to take your preferences into account. However, we cannot simply do what you tell us to at the risk of performing a surgery that is not satisfactory. Dr. Gorodisky will discuss your concerns with you and offer his professional opinion.

Also, if a facelift is pulled too tightly, it can result in less-than-satisfactory appearance. For example, when the face is pulled too tight the earlobes can be pulled out of position so that they are angled forward instead of backwards. Also, tension can lead to the widening of lips and flaring of nostrils. Dr. Gorodisky performs facelifts taking care so that this doesn't happen.

Some plastic surgeons will also pull in the wrong direction during a facelift. It is important to make sure that all the skin is pulled in ways that enhance the features of the face, rather than obscuring them. If you want more information about facelifts, don't hesitate to contact our office today. Dr. Gorodisky is dedicated to helping you get the beautiful facelift that you desire. Call us today if you want more information about how we can help!

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