Non-Surgical Nose Jobs: The Alternative to a Rhinoplasty

Even if you are not satisfied with the appearance of your nose, you may be hesitant to get a rhinoplasty. Some people who are squeamish about surgery or about anesthesia decide that they don't want to undergo a major operation requiring recovery time. Thankfully, this isn't the only way that you can alter the appearance of your nose. If you do not like the way that your nose looks, but would not like to go into surgery to fix it, a board certified plastic surgeon may be able to present other options.

One option for nasal reshaping is using filler. The filler treatment takes about 15 minutes. Normally, filler treatments can correct issues such as a bump on the nose bridge or a downwards droop at the tip of the nose. The plastic surgeon will inject filler material under the skin of the nose and correct the shape, smoothing the nose for a graceful and attractive shape.

A board certified plastic surgeon can complete this process by applying a topical anesthetic and then injecting filler, such as Radiesse, into the patient's nose. This filler is made with calcium molecules, which are normally found in human bone. The plastic surgeon can then mold the filler into place, enhancing the shape of a person's nose. If you are interested in exploring the option of fillers, talk with your plastic surgeon.

Dr. Gorodisky is a board certified plastic surgeon who can assist you with your surgical or non-surgical cosmetic surgery needs. Sit down with him today to discuss your options for rhinoplasty. Dr. Gorodisky can patiently explain whether he would recommend a rhinoplasty or a filler in your situation. Rhinoplasties are permanent, while fillers normally need to be touched up every nine months or so. Talk with a plastic surgeon at the West Coast Plastic Surgery Center today to set up an appointment.

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