Athletes Turn to Plastic Surgery After Sports Injuries

Athletes' bodies can take a toll when they are dedicated to their sport. Oftentimes, this can also take a toll on their appearance. In other cases, a plastic surgery can help an athlete to alter their body in a way that improves their athletic performance. According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, several plastic surgeons have performed surgeries on athletes to fix their broken noses or to shorten the lengths of their ears to better fit into a helmet.

One common surgery among athletes is a rhinoplasty, which deals with altering the appearance of the nose. Athletes that suffer a broken nose during a game may not like their appearance when their nose recovers. A rhinoplasty can restore the original profile of the nose prior to the break.

A famous baseball player for the Milwaukee Brewers, Jean Segura, was accidentally hit in the face with a baseball bat during a game, causing him to suffer serious injuries. While he didn't have a fracture or a concussion, the baseball player plans to get cosmetic surgery to repair his right eye. Allegedly his eye sustained a serious injury from the bat.

Another football player who plays for the Houston Texans is also considering cosmetic surgery. He received a small gash on his face during the fourth week of the 2013 season. He played after the injury, but it later re-opened, leaving him with a permanent scar. The football player says that he is planning to get a procedure to correct this injury.

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