Facial Hair Transplants: The New Male Plastic Surgery Trend

More than ever before, men are flocking to plastic surgeons for a variety of different procedures. In this season's trendy, "hipster" mentality, a new trend has emerged. This is the trend of beard transplants. While beard transplants may sound like an unconventional way to grow a beard, many men are using this surgical technique to get the full beards or the facial hair that they want.

Not all men can successfully grow an attractive beard. In fact, many men only grow patchy sections of facial hair. Facial hair transplants allow all sorts of men to get the trendy beards or mustaches that they want. According to TODAY, the beard transplant trend is an effect of the hipster culture that is prevalent in metropolitan areas across the U.S. In Los Angeles, Brooklyn, Nashville and many other cities, men are hoping to grow an attractive "hipster" beard that correlates with the culture.

One Brooklyn-based surgeon says that she sees about six men per week who are requesting beard transplants. She says that the popularity of longer beards attributed to this new trend. Younger men in their 20s and 30s who are artists and musicians make up the bulk of her clientele. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons reports that many men request beards resembling those of their favorite Hollywood celebrities.

ABC News says that beard transplants have been gaining popularity the past couple of years. Not only are they popular among young men, but among transgenders who may have a hard time growing a beard on their own. This is a tricky surgery, and if you need more information about beard transplants, call the West Coast Plastic Surgery Center today. With the right surgeon there to help you, you are more likely to enjoy a successful outcome of the procedure.