Body Contouring on the Rise in Adolescents

Body contouring refers to any procedure or group of procedures that work to alter the shape of a person's body. This is commonly done on the arms, abdomen, buttocks, or breasts, but can occur on a number of areas on the body. A well-done contouring job will make these alterations without the appearance of extra skin.

Body contouring is especially helpful following a weight loss surgery where there may be an excess of skin. As more and more overweight adolescents are undergoing these surgeries to combat obesity, the more popular body contouring is becoming for creating the final desired look.

Research Indicates Adolescents Affected by Excess Skin

Recent research set out to discover if the self-appearance issues faced by older adults that received bypass surgeries were the same as the adolescents that requested body contouring. Questionnaires were given to children that had undergone weight loss surgery. 91% of respondents indicated that the excess skin resulting from the surgery led them to feel unattractive about their bodies, and many of the teenagers had asked to obtain body contouring surgery.

These teenagers noted that their upper arms and thighs were the places where excess skin made them most uncomfortable. Sometimes this skin also led to physical discomfort for the teenagers when it was located at the chest, abdomen, chin, upper arms, and breast.

This research reveals that adolescents are largely affected by the excess skin left over from bypass and other weight loss surgeries. If you choose to get a body contouring procedure for your child following such a procedure, be sure to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon at the West Coast Plastic Surgery Center. We can work with your child to ensure that they have the self-confidence they deserve!

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