How Common is Plastic Surgery Addiction?

Lately there has been a lot of media attention given to people that have undergone multiple plastic surgery procedures to obtain the perfect appearance. Examples include the individuals attempting to resemble dolls such as Barbie, or those that replicate the features of celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence or Justin Bieber. While there are cases of those taking extreme measures to alter their appearance, majority of those who elect to undergo a cosmetic procedure only get one or two surgeries.

There are reasons that may cause a person to obtain multiple procedures that do not mean a person is addicted, such as:

  • Age related procedures
  • Procedures done in steps
  • Maintaining prior procedures

A person that gets a breast lift following surgery and then gets a facelift later in life should not be seen as an addict, nor is the person whose gets replacement implants after their original ones expire. Getting multiple procedures is routine for appearance-upkeep and general safety.

Plastic Surgery Addiction Is Real

However, it would be irresponsible to state that some people do not have an addiction to cosmetic surgery. It is usually not the plastic surgery itself that someone is addicted to, but rather the ability to alter their appearance.

Known as body dysmorphic disorder, a person with this illness obsessed over their appearance and believes that changing their looks can improve their quality of life.

Plastic surgery can increase a person's confidence, but it cannot fix all of a person's problems. If a person is thinking about having a procedure done, it would be helpful to take a moment and consider why they are seeking to alter their appearance.

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