Should You Consider Saline Breast Injections?

As an alternative to going under the knife for a breast enhancement surgery, some women are choosing to enhance the appearance of their breasts by using a saline breast injection. These breast injections are temporary and do not provide the long term results of breast implants.

Saline Breast Injections Provides Temporary Enhancement

The saline injection into the breast tissue can make the breast swell and add volume temporarily. After the injection, the volume starts decreasing and the breasts will return to their normal size within a day or two. This procedure involves a needle puncture of the breast skin, but there are no incisions or scars. Women who choose this method of breast augmentation do so to look enhanced for an evening without the need for padding or pushup bras. It can also be used by those who are unsure if implants are right for them and want to get a preview of what their augmented breasts will look like after surgery.

Some of the safety concerns associated with saline breast injections are:

  • Infections in the area the injection was given
  • Bruising or bleeding under the skin or deep in the breast
  • Skin stretching that can alter the shape and support of the natural breast
  • Potential serious problems such as lung collapse if the needle is inserted too deeply

Besides saline breast injections, there are other ways that women may be able to enhance their breasts instead of undergoing breast implant surgery. Some examples are fat grafting, bra inserts, and external tissue expansion.

Consulting with a board-certified plastic surgeon about saline breast injections is the first step when seeking this type of cosmetic enhancement.

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